Tuesday, May 10, 2005


I'm delighted to report that I'm now 2 inches into the non-twisted version of the bag. (One good thing about slow work days is that I knit so much better in natural light. Knitting during the day makes me feel slightly naughty, too.)

I think what I'm going to do with my version of this bag is to make the knitting behind the entire skull pattern definitely solid, vs. having the crossbones blending in with some of the stripes like Glampyre does with hers.

The geek in me wants to do the stripes underneath the skulls in a Fibonacci sequence. The lazy bitch in me is arguing with the geek. We'll see who wins.

It's Amazing Race finale night. Go Rob and Amber. When this most recent Amazing Race started I wanted Rob and Amber to go down, and quick-like. But I must say I've come to admire Rob's sneaky resourcefulness combined with his sense of humor and even though those two already have a million dollars, I hope they win. I like it that the two of them seem to cooperate so well, and aren't screeching at each other during times of stress like so many other teams. I'd also be happy for Uchenna and Joyce if they win, too. They're such nice people. I'll be totally pissed if Ron and Kelly win, though. I cannot stand Kelly. Any person that would argue something like (paraphrased here) "You can't commit to anything...not even the army, you became a POW to get out of that commitment" is just out of her mind.


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