Friday, May 20, 2005

Pants on fire....

Ring, ring....

Me: What, what, what?!

My sister: That bag on your web site is SO0000 for me, isn't it?

Me: What bag?

My sister: Shut up!!! You know what I'm talking about. It's for me, isn't it?

Me: No. I'm making it for myself.

My sister: Oh shut up. You're SUCH a liar.

Me: I'm trying to watch Finding Neverland, and I'm a little choked up right now, so I've gotta go....

My sister: Yeah, right. You never get choked up. And you're a liar! Remember all the crap you used to tell me when I was like 5 and you were 20? Like, "Hey, we're going to run out of gas on this dark road and you can wait at the car while I find gas, probably no one will bother you or anything..." and I used to believe you? Well, it doesn't work on me anymore. Go watch your dorky movie. I love you. Talk to you tomorrow after my court date...


Doh. I didn't think she actually would ever visit my site when I told her about it. I'm rather stunned, actually.

Anyway, I seriously *was* all vaklempt. It's weird, in real life situations I'm calm and collected, a rock. It's incredibly rare for me to shed a tear. But give me a sad book or film, and my throat's all tight and my eyes are all welled up and I'm trying to look normal so my companions don't harrass me later. It's so embarassing. (Despite all the humilating covert weeping, I did come to the conclusion that perhaps having a child wouldn't be so awful if it had a British accent and a big vocabulary.)

Another evening of no knitting. I had to finish off my super duper flip flops for the swap since the mailing deadline is tomorrow. I'll be crushed if my partner doesn't love them. Crushed, I say.

Eye candy (for no good reason):


At 11:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

no..totally justified eye candy i think!!!.....well just because its mr depp


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