Thursday, May 19, 2005

I stitched and bitched!

I did it. I actually went to my very first SNB. I've been lurking in the SNB Yahoo Groups for the Boston area for...oh, forever. But most of the meetings seem to happen in really inconvenient for me places at inconvenient for me times, so I haven't actually worked up the necessary motivation to attend. Being that I'm tired of talking to myself about knitting and slightly concerned that the people around me are probably really sick and tired of hearing about my knitting, I knew I had to muster up the energy to go. I'm glad I did. It wasn't even remotely scary. At first I thought I was at the wrong Starbucks since no one else was there, but as I was ordering my coffee with my giant bag 'o implements and yarn and projects over my shoulder, the perceptive girl behind the counter said, "Oh, you're one of the knitters."

And then they came! Other knitters! The other ladies are all very nice! There were only 5 of us, total...but that's the biggest number of people knitting in the same place I've ever seen! (Actually, for historical accuracy, one of the nice ladies was trying to teach two of the other nice ladies how to crochet.) It was very pleasant. (I hope they didn't notice my socks, and secretly think I'm not very nice. Oh well, if they did, they at were nice enough not to act as if they thought I'm not very nice.)

I called David on the way home, and he informed me that he was STARVING and had been dreaming of filet mignon since I last made it and had picked some up. (David gets on these food kicks where he likes to eat the same thing over and over and over again until I want to strangle him for having no imagination. However, if he's going to be on a kick, I guess I'd rather have it be filet than say, cherry jello.) Being out of merlot, I made an imitation of Chris's Cognac cream sauce. I'm going to have to ask him about the part where he says you're supposed to add the cream to the stock/cognac reduction and let it simmer for 15 minutes, because after about 8 minutes it was looking as if I let it cook for any longer I would have no sauce left in the pan. So, at 10 pm we were finally eating and it was marvelous.

When I was in college, my friend Liz would refer to her menses as Bob. She'd say "Bob is in town" and we'd all know what that meant. I think Bob is a huge contributing factor to my recent over-emotionalism. (It's fun inventing words.) I don't know how I always manage to not notice the date when I'm an emotional wreck. Duh. I'm feeling relief that what was going on with me is probably not an extention of my winter depression cycle, but just an overload of female hormones. Phew.

Oh, and I've made no progress on the skulll bag and actually made NEGATIVE progress on Devan, since in the bright light of the Starbucks last night I decided I hated the way the back was coming out and frogged the whole thing. Ribbit.


At 9:04 PM, Anonymous Barb said...

I noticed the socks!

At 11:10 PM, Blogger Lisa said...


Barb, you're too funny. I sure hope you weren't so nice to me because you were secretly afraid I'd poke you with a knitting needle if you weren't.

At 7:05 AM, Anonymous Barb said...

I was only nice to you because I was trying to steal your Fortissima!


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