Monday, May 09, 2005

Felted Bag with Fair Isle Skulls

My new friend Leah and I are going to do a 2 person KAL of Glampyre's Felted Bag with Fair Isle Skulls. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have time to trot on down to my LYS and see if they've got any good colors of Cascade 220 in stock. I haven't made anything for myself in eons, and I'm rather looking forward to making this gigantic bag just for me. I'm psyched that Leah is going to undertake it too, since I might need some inspiration to stay motivated to finish it within a reasonable time frame.

Saturday night David and I went to see comedian/activist Margaret Cho at the Orpheum Theatre in Boston. I've been watching her performances on TV for years, and reading her blog for a long time, and so I was really excited to finally get the chance to see her in person. She's an incredibly insightful and hysterically funny outspoken woman. She did not disappoint. About 15 minutes into her show my face started to ache from grinning like an idiot. Her live performances are not for the faint of heart or easily offended, but if you're disgusted with the way this country is being run right now and can handle some dirty talk too, check her out if you ever get the chance.

My one complaint about the show was the drunk male couple that sat behind us. These boys were trying to outdo one another with the extreme volume of their laughter and made it difficult to hear Margaret over their guffaws. Also, they were literally spraying saliva all over David and me. Not only were they totally obnoxious (yeah, Ms. Cho was hilarious, but NO ONE laughs that loud unless they're trying to) but we didn't need another shower. The people next to us in our row apparently complained to an usher about these odious asswipes, because the complainers were suddenly escorted TO EMPTY SEATS IN THE SECOND ROW. (Hmm. Makes me wonder why I never bitch to those in postitions of authority.) When they left, we took the opportunity to move down the row into their seats so at least the bozos were no longer spitting all over us. Some people should not be allowed in public.


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