Sunday, May 15, 2005


I'm 17 inches into the skully bag. I'm starting to wonder now just how many inches I should go before starting the mitered bottom. The pattern doesn't indicate. I think I'm at least halfway there, if not more. Instead of knitting only an inch of background color under the skull pattern, I did two inches before starting the stripes.

Upon further examination of Glampyre's photo of her bag, I think I'd like to make some modifications to the bag's bottom. I prefer bags that sit flat and stand up on their own when you set them down. I can't really tell if that's what the end result will be like with this bag, and I'd rather not take the chance that it's a 'fall over bag.' Does anyone know? Or maybe I'm just being a moron and of course it's going to sit flat since I'll be shaping it to do that when it's wet.


At 10:58 AM, Blogger Leah said...

I can't wait to see pics of yours!! It sounds like you are so far along & I really want to see your acid green skulls!

It is kind of just up in the air about the ending huh. The difficult part is not being quite sure how much it will shrink in felting.

My experience with felted bags is you can really shape them any way you want. Getting a flat bottom with this pattern shouldn't be a problem!

I am going to use handles on mine. I am planning on adding one zippered pocket and one cell phone pocket as well. I think I will go for a magnetic snap for closure.

As far as the lining goes that was a fluke! I went in to get the magnetic snaps & I saw the dias de los muertos fabric peeking out of one of the aisles & this cool skeleton pattern was next to it. I'm a sucker for all things skeletal.

At 12:08 PM, Blogger Lisa said...

I am also going to do handles, and absolutely a zippered pocket, too. Not sure about the closure, yet. Maybe a zipper, maybe not. I think I'm going to have to felt it and decide then.

I'm glad I have a good excuse to dig my sewing machine out of the back of my closet. I haven't sewed anything in years (egad) and I think I'm finally over the guilt about that unfinished quilt I've got in that same giant closet. :)


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