Tuesday, May 10, 2005


The yarn I am about to use (I'm going to pretend that last night's error was just a nightmare and didn't actually happen) for my Skull Bag is 2 different Cascade 220s (sort of a cobalt-y blue and another multi of that same blue with green and lightish blue), an acid greenish Reynold's Lite Lopi, and from my stash some perfectly coordinating Kool Aid dyed Fisherman's Wool in shades very similar to the multicolored Cascade.

Since it's going to be felted anyway, I think I'm going to cheat a tiny bit and knit a little bit flat before joining in the round and then just seam it up. No, screw that. One moebius strip isn't going to turn me into a fraidy cat. Sheesh.

I have a weird little crush on Alton Brown who does the Food Network's show Good Eats. He's a total genius. There's nothing sexier than a man with a knife/whisk/spatula in his hand, who knows how to use it. (Well, except maybe a man with a guitar in his hand, who knows how to use it.) Last night I used his rice making technique to make some jasmine rice, and it was divine. Who knew cooking rice in the oven with a damp dishcloth on top was the way to go? Other chefs that get me all excited are Jamie Oliver (he's just adorable) and Tyler Florence. Honarable mention goes to Ming Tsai....I WILL eat at his Blue Ginger restaurant (which is just a couple towns over from me) if it's the last thing I do.


At 9:58 PM, Anonymous mere said...

ohmigod. i thought i was the only one. here i am wasting time until 7 so i can watch good eats. it's nice to know that i'm not alone in finding something sexy about that man. .


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