Wednesday, April 27, 2005

No Rest For The Wicked

Per usual, I can't sleep. And when I can't sleep, I do stuff like think about big life issue things I prefer not to think about. Generally, instead of continuing to think about those unpleasant things, I'll get up and try to bore myself in some way so that by the time I do wander back to bed, I'll be so tired I'll fall asleep instantly. I should knit but when it's dark outside, I don't have a single comfortable place in my entire house to sit and knit that has decent enough lighting to actually be able to see what the hell I am doing. That's just wrong. Unfortunately I've been accused for years of being some sort of vampire because I generally abhor bright light, but lately I think I'm fucking up my eyes with all the peering and squinting I'm doing. I'm probably creating crow's feet at the same time, too. Lovely.

I realized it must seem, from the looks of my projects, that I'm having a baby, or have a baby already. For the record, I am not having one, nor do I have one already. I just happen to know a buttload of pregnant women and I get a kick out of making stuff I can finish before I get insanely bored with the project.

(Tick tick tick.............sssshh....stop that.)

Alas, I think I've decided to make Donna, from Magknits. Maybe I'll use Cascade Fixation instead of the Lana Grossa Point the pattern calls for. I'm a little scared of that pattern though, since I have no shoulders to speak of, but at least it looks like it'll fit my boobs. That's my biggest (ha) issue with making myself a sweater...worrying if I find a pattern that fits the girls, that it'll hang hideously because of my 2 inch shoulders and I'll never want to wear the thing and it'll be a huge waste of time and money. I'm terrified of trying to alter shoulders though. Maybe I should just start lifting weights or something instead of trying to do complex math.

Time to put on Forensic Files and fall asleep to tales of serial killers and scientific breakthroughs. No wonder I have a lot of weird dreams.


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