Sunday, April 24, 2005

Microspun Feather and Fan

I kept hearing about how soft Lion Brand Microspun is which made me curious so I started looking for it. Weirdly enough, I can't seem to find the stuff in any of the stores around here that carry Lion Brand yarn. So I turned to trusty Ebay. I found a ball of it for small dollars, and managed to win that auction. Go me.

But what does one do with only 1 skein? I made this Feather and Fan scarf from a free pattern I found here:


I didn't love working with the Microspun. I do like the way it feels, but it was very splitty yarn, indeed. It wasn't so bad that I'd refuse to ever use it again, though. It just required a blunter needle than I generally prefer using.

A couple of years ago my landlord planted two small trees in my small front yard. Most of the time I hate them, and think they look really stupid where he put them. At the moment though, they're blooming and they make for a lovely view out the window of my office despite the fact that it's a gray and rainy day.

I'm having one of those devil on one shoulder, angel on the other shoulder debates inside my head. Do I spend a few hours doing Spring Cleaning, or do I blow it off and work on the back of Devan? I'm leaning towards the middle ground which is to get whatever cleaning I can get done in two hours, and then I can guiltlessly knit the rest of the day away.


At 5:21 PM, Anonymous rock chick said...

Microspun can be a beast to knit with, but it makes a very warm weather-friendly cami. Oh, and blow off the spring cleaning. You'll always regret not knitting more but never regret not having cleaned more. ;-)


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